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A Blend of Passion and


The Rise of The Smoothie Bus in Manchester

Our story, the story of The Smoothie Bus, begins in the sunlit avenues of Tampa, FL, where fate had its unique way of knitting two lives together. It was at Hattricks, a sports bar vibrant with the cheers of Patriots fans, where Josh, a University of Tampa graduate with a keen mind for Computer Information Systems and a background in construction, met Sonya, then a diligent student in psychology and later, a master in Social Work at USF. Little did they know, their casual conversation over smoothies would plant the seed for a future enterprise.

This journey from dream to reality was not a path laid with ease. In the beginning, it meant navigating the complexities of life with their young children, Ayden and Mya, while Sonya was simultaneously laying the foundation of her mental health practice. It involved days that stretched into nights, filled with the relentless hustle of working events and then prepping till the wee hours of 1 AM. Our every effort was a testament to our unwavering commitment, a promise we made not just to our business, but to our family, and to the community we aspired to serve.

The transformation of an old ice cream truck from Pennsylvania into the first Smoothie Bus was a labor of love, and a gamble that put every last penny on the line. But it was more than just a business decision; it was a leap of faith, a step towards creating something that symbolized joy, health, and community. The day Josh brought the bus to the dealerships in Manchester, marking our first earnings, was a pivotal moment. It was then that Josh decided to step away from his role as a project superintendent, fully embracing the entrepreneurial spirit that would define The Smoothie Bus.

Our journey saw rapid expansion, with two more buses and a brick-and-mortar location on Elm Street in Manchester. Each new step was a reflection of our dedication to quality and community. However, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a trying time, forcing us to rethink and adapt. We faced the hard truth of temporary closures, a challenging expansion in Concord, and the decision to scale back, including closing our Concord location.

Yet, it was during these times that our resilience shone brightest. We innovated, launching a commissary kitchen that not only served The Smoothie Bus but also supported other small food businesses. Our venture into Tampa taught us invaluable lessons about remote management and the importance of hands-on involvement.

Today, as we stand at the cusp of a new bus season, we reflect on our journey with gratitude and optimism. The Smoothie Bus, born from a simple chat in and nurtured through years of hard work, love, and laughter, stands as a testament to the power of dreams. It’s a story interwoven with the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship, family life, and community engagement.

As we look forward to the future, we do so with the wisdom of our experiences and the excitement of opportunities that await. Our story is not just about serving smoothies; it’s about serving a slice of our dreams, a cup of joy, and a bond with every person who visits The Smoothie Bus.

The road ahead is bright, and as we navigate it, we do so with the strength of our past and the hope for a future filled with more success, more smiles, and of course, more delicious smoothies.

Grab a Healthy Smoothie Today!