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Killer Sudoku is essentially a blend of Kakuro and Sudoku. In ordinary sudoku you have a set goal: fill all the cells in each row, column with numbers from one to nine. In killer sudoku you can’t do that. Instead, in every cell a different color is used, indicating a different suit. Also, some cells will have more than one color, while others will have only one.

The great thing about playing killer sudoku online is that you don’t have to learn how to play sudokus with the rules and strategy of the game. Instead, the killer Sudoku online game teaches you how to play sudokus by giving you a hint each time you make a move. If you’re like me then making mistakes when you’re trying to win can cost you the game. These hints help keep you from making those mistakes, so that you can focus on actually winning the game instead of just learning how to play sudokus.

One of the best things about killer sudoku is that it’s free. That means that you can download it right now and start playing. Plus, since there are so many versions of killer sudoku online for free you’re sure to find a puzzle that’s perfect for you. There are versions for both Facebook and the internet (with many more coming online every day). So don’t wait any longer, start playing killer sudoku puzzles today so you can start enjoying the best type of brain stimulating puzzle!