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Serving Smoothies
and More to Manchester, NH

We offer over 20 different smoothie flavors, fruit bowls, tasty toast, fresh juice, and more. We use only Grade A fruit and vegetables in our smoothies, never any juices, purees, or syrups. We love creating healthy smoothies that make our customers feel nourished and energized! You can also check out our big yellow Smoothie Bus food truck. We host all kinds of events and roll around town, serving our popular menu items. Our Smoothie Bus season runs from April to October. Visit us today!

three smoothies and fresh fruit

Turning Manchester, NH Residents Into Smoothans

We started as a successful food truck that led to our bustling business today. Josh and Sonya Philbrick opened our first location stationary downtown after a year on the road. Their entire family loved the smoothies so much that they had to share them with the world. The Philbricks say their smoothie lifestyle is a way to promote energy and healthy habits to others. They started with only ten flavors and now offer dozens of seasonal and everyday flavors. From a morning coffee smoothie pick-me-up to a mixture of watermelon and mint, the flavors are unique and classic at the same time.  With multiple stationary locations and the Smoothie Bus, the love for smoothies, healthy snacks, and yummy drinks are making a mark on “Smoothans” everywhere.

Going Beyond Smoothies

Our love for healthy food and drinks is at the core of our entire menu. Besides nutrition packed smoothies, you’ll fall in love with our smoothie bowls. We have bowls filled everything from greens and proteins to peanut butter and chia seeds. Our hot smoothies are a hit when it’s cold outside. Enjoy a hot smoothie with peanut butter and hot chocolate or white chocolate and bananas. We always have overnight oats and other healthy snacks to grab as well. To top it off, we offer wellness shots like fire cider or wheatgrass and essential oil shots to boost your nutrition and mental health.

Grab a Healthy Smoothie Today!